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50 ml


"Open your space" is an essential basic blend that I always smudge before any ceremony, ritual or personal time for myself. It helps you prepare the sacred space and protects you from any energetic disturbances during your time. I recommend it to anyone who wants a pure and harmonious environment during their spiritual practices. If you want to create a peaceful and sacred atmosphere - even without intensive training in opening such spaces - the "Open your space" blend is the ideal solution for you.


( shown vessel not included in the offer)

Open your space

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  • A sacred incense blend of rue, mugwort, white sage, dragon's blood, burgundy resin, lady's grass, vervain, juniper, sal and a little magic!

    Not suitable for consumption. Can be smoked both on charcoal and on the incense sieve.

    Store in a cool and dry place.

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