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How to smudge properly - how does it actually work? A short guide

When I first came into contact with incense, I wondered the same thing. I had no idea that it could be an art and enrich my soul so much. I was very quickly fascinated by the power that can unfold. And of course the scent. Once you get to know it and have good blends, it's not that difficult to get started. I explain how to smudge incense properly in this short guide.

There are actually only two ways to use my incense blends:

  • Smoking on charcoal

  • Smoking with a stove

loses Räucherwerk verbrennt auf Kohle
Räuchern mit Kohle

If you want to smudge properly with charcoal, please note that this can produce quite intense smoke. So be careful with sensitive fire alarms or hotel rooms. Don't risk the fire brigade being called out.

I use this method when I cleare rooms or properties, but of course also for my ceremonies.

What are the advantages?

  • The intense smoke takes the prayers up

  • the best way to burn resins because they can become hot and liquid

  • when meditating, you can look into the smoke and receive messages and visions

  • oracle reading, depending on how the smoke rises

All you need is

  • a fireproof vessel/bowl

  • Incense sand

  • self-lighting charcoal tablet (make sure that you store the tabs dry and airtight, otherwise they will not ignite properly)

  • Lighter

  • Tweezers/tongs

  • small spoon

  • and of course the incense

The incense sand is first filled into the vessel, then you take the charcoal between the tweezers or tongs and light it with the lighter. As it is self-igniting, it sparks a little. It is therefore best to make sure you have a fireproof surface. I recommend that you light it outdoors or by a window, as the charcoal has an odour of its own that can stay outside.

Once it has sparkled all the way round, it can be placed on the sand with the mould facing upwards. It then takes about 5 minutes for a white layer to appear, which is the right time to place the incense on the hollow of the charcoal with the spoon.

Once it is burnt, you can remove the burnt incense with the spoon and place new incense on top. Start slowly to get a feel for the strength of the smoke and the scent.

If the smoke is too intense for you, or if you want to smoke mixtures with herbs, the solution is to pour some incense sand over the smouldering charcoal and then place the incense on top.

When using powerful mixtures, always remember to ensure that you aerate well afterwards.

And please do not leave your incense burning unattended! If you follow these brief instructions, nothing can go wrong!

Räucherwerk verbrennt auf Stövchen mit Räuchersieb

Smoking with a stove is a little easier and is also better suited to scenting your living space for long periods of time. The fragrance is less intense but more subtle. The investment in a stove is necessary at first, but it pays off in the long run.

The advantages of the stove are

  • it does not smoke so much

  • it smells finer, not so intense

  • the herbs and flowers do not burn, but rather "wither"

  • no charcoal is necessary

Make sure that it is height-adjustable, then you can decide whether you want it to get hotter and therefore smell more intense, or just a light fragrance. However, especially if there are resins in the mixture, you will need to do some cleaning to enjoy your teapot for a long time. You can use a small, firm brush to remove the residue from the sieve.

If you have any questions about smudging, please send me a message. I look forward to helping you.

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