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"May your wishes and prayers rise up with the smoke and be fulfilled."

Sabine Kleinhenz

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My why:

Some time ago, I did something totally crazy for myself. I followed the call of my heart and started to study the wisdom of the shamans in the Andes as well as herbal medicine.

In the meantime, it has become my passion and I no longer want to do without the wisdom of the Lineage of the 7 Rays; I work with my mesas in client work always.

An important part of my ceremonies is working with Sacred Smoke. In addition to the king of plant medicine - Maestro Mapacho - a variety of herbs, flowers and resins also play a role here in the form of sacred incense.

However, the most important thing before working with the plant spirits are the prayers. Always remember that without prayers, working with sacred incense mixtures is simply burning plant parts. No more and no less.

It is therefore a matter close to my heart to share my experience and knowledge with you and thus enrich your work with incense with much strength, joy, hope and healing. 

All my blends are mixed by hand in small quantities according to my own experience and recipes and blessed with the sacred smoke of Maestro Mapacho. 

with love


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